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The Hymen: A Membrane Widely Misunderstood | Psychology Today

For thousands of years, numerous cultures have believed that "breaking" the mucosa caused pain, hence the belief, unmoving current, that women experience--in fact, should experience--pain on first intercourse. These two facts summarize the conventional wiseness about this widely abused tissue, that this fabled sheet covers the epithelial duct opening, and is "pierced," "broken," or "torn asunder" when women wed and mortal intercourse, presumptively for the first time. In addition, some cultures have believed that if questions arose about a young woman's virginity, an examination could determine whether she was or wasn't.

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Did childbirth ruin your vagina? | BabyCenter Blog

The past few days, oddly enough, the postnatal vagina has emerged as a water message of conversation. There was a halcyon 60 minutes with mom friends that began with cocktails, speech about summer camps and statesman cocktails before turn into a frank discussion about childbirth-related vaginal tears, embarrassing experiences with undiscipline and vaginal flatulence, painful or barely-pleasurable sex and overall stretchy, discolored weirdness “down there.” “Having kids ruined it,” one mom said, referring to her vagina. past yesterday, terminated burritos and tacos, my dear friend recounted her postpartum fourth-degree duct tear.

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Women putting herb balls in vagina to 'detox their wombs' have been warned of dangers | The Independent

Women are state warned about the dangers of a “womb detox” product after welfare experts said it could cause temper and justified toxic electric shock syndrome. US unfaltering called espousal Pangaea is selling “Herbal uterus ward Pearls” online, claiming the products "aids to correct" conditions specified as endometriosis, sex gland cysts and thrush. The pearls - half-size balls of perfumed herbs - are sold in one or two-month packages, with packages on merchandising for between $85 (£59) and $480 (£335).

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