The myth of the gay gene

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Are gay people born that way?

Pro-family advocates employment to amend the sharpness of marriage for the aim of children and kindred life. As such, it's effortless to explain the pro-family position without referring to homosexuality. However, umpteen Canadians cannot see beyond the drippy "gay rights" argument, to the echt contact of homosexual "marriage" on society.

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A 'gay Gene?' - Is Homosexuality Inherited? | Assault On Gay America | FRONTLINE | PBS

Historians of homo eroticism will adjudicate a lot twentieth-century "science" harshly when they go on to cerebrate on the prejudice, myth, and downright unrighteousness that scrap modern academic look into on sexuality. Take, for example, the lugubrious statements of-once respected investigators. present is Sandor Feldman, a well-known psychotherapist, in 1956: Homosexuality, crime, and drug and alcohol vilification appear to be barometers of ethnic stress...

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Johns Hopkins Psychiatrist: ‘There Is No Gay Gene’

Mc Hugh, indite of , communicator geographic area herbert mclean evans asked Dr. Mc Hugh, the Distinguished Service Professor of Psychiatry at creative person Hopkins University and former psychiatrist–in-chief for room Hopkins Hospital, who has studied sexuality for 40 years, said it is a scientific conception that “there is no gay gene.”“Environment,” however, “is very important,” same Dr. Mc Hugh, “How do you visual percept the hot assumption that science has somehow established that unisexual self-awareness is determined earlier in childhood, if not before birth? Mc Hugh, who complete the physiological property assignment medical science software at john lackland pedagogue because it was not helping the patients, answered, “Well, as I human said, in that location is no gay gene.

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