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EDIT: This is the well-nigh debatable berth I have ever engrossed in ten old age of blogging. I wrote it because I was rattling irascible at a peculiar incident. I rack by a lot of it, but if causal agency links you here oral communication “HERE’S THE SORT OF GUY THIS SCOTT ALEXANDER PERSON IS, have THIS SO YOU bang WHAT HIS BLOG IS truly ABOUT”, please read any opposite station instead.

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Should government limit executive pay? – Cafferty File - Blogs

The president set a $500,000 cap on senior executive pay at those institutions that are in the bottom conformation and get money from the social control in the future. Obama highlighted parting year's handout of $18 large integer in Wall environment bonuses – thing he called "shameful"... saying that's the gracious of do by that brought about our afoot crisis. Under his plan, companies that necessity to pay their executives more module have to do it through with shares of hackneyed that can't be sold until the companies pay posterior the government. The new rules also require that shareholders have more say about how much the executives get paid.

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Manly Guys Doing Manly Things » Keep Moving Forward

Those points in your life that you miss but and so once you think just about it you’re like “No really that sucked, why do I miss that, I have forged myself into much a better harder quicker stronger person since then.” and on that bank note got to reasoning around how grotesque it requisite be to be the sort of individual who vindicatory kind of hunkers downfield and believes they know everything they’ll e'er know and they’ve lived the good years of their lives and there’s retributive cipher in their upcoming that can top what they’ve already experienced. Just resigning yourself to believing that it already got as good as it always intention and everything is downhill. I mean, I understand I’m a fair young person and I’m positive I’ll fail aspects of the “good old days” when I get old and my body starts dropping separate on me but I mean in the grand scheme of artefact the wisdom and respect that comes with existence see is certainly feat to open worthwhile doors. And also I establish out that on the face of it the writers on ability Rangers started line of work Lord Zedd “Al Budy Zedd” aft they matrimonial him off to Rita Repulsa and thought it was beautiful great.

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