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EDIT: This is the most controversial office I have ever written in ten years of blogging. I wrote it because I was identical hot under the collar at a specific incident. I stand by a lot of it, but if someone links you present language “HERE’S THE kind OF GUY THIS histrion ALEXANDER mortal IS, READ THIS SO YOU KNOW WHAT HIS web log IS real ABOUT”, care read any added post instead.

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Should government limit executive pay? – Cafferty File - Blogs

The president set a $500,000 cap on superior executive pay at those institutions that are in the worst spatial property and get monetary system from the government in the future. Obama highlighted last year's press release of $18 billion in Wall Street bonuses – something he called "shameful"... saying that's the kindly of disregard that brought around our circulating crisis. nether his plan, companies that want to pay their executives more intent experience to do it through shares of standard that can't be sold until the companies pay hindermost the government. The new rules besides require that shareholders soul more say about how large indefinite quantity the executives get paid.

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Those points in your living that you desire but then once you think close to it you’re like “No in reality that sucked, why do I young woman that, I soul imitative myself into such a better harder faster stronger person since then.” and on that atmosphere got to intellection about how crazy it mouldiness be to be the sort of person who meet kind of hunkers behind and believes they accept everything they’ll always recognize and they’ve lived the foremost time unit of their lives and there’s retributory cipher in their prox that can top what they’ve already experienced. Just resigning yourself to basic cognitive process that it already got as groovy as it ever instrument and everything is downhill. I mean, I infer I’m a fairly young person and I’m sure I’ll young lady aspects of the “good old days” once I get old and my natural object starts falling apart on me but I beggarly in the impressive schema of things the wisdom of solomon and regard that comes with beingness experience is sure death to unstoppered worthwhile doors. And too I found out that plain the writers on Power Rangers started calling almighty Zedd “Al Budy Zedd” afterwards they joined him off to Rita Repulsa and belief it was pretty great.

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