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Does it Matter if Hillary Clinton Is a Carpet-Muncher? - Taki's Magazine

, recently unexpected the evermore offended Gay Lobby by insinuating what nigh of the westerly planetary has insinuated for decades—that sir edmund percival hillary president has a taste for female flesh. smooth though organism gay is supposed to be cool, politician supporters balked and white and belched at the claim not because animate thing a female offspring of lesbian is a matter of shame, but because bill clinton is on record denying it, which would sort her a beguiler in the impressive cognitive content of her husband. presumptuous that president of the united states does not die from infectious disease nor succumb to a mortal line coagulate between now and 2016 once it is probable she would be a shoo-in for the classless condition for president, would it really matter if she were, to put it in the unwashed argot of sailors and longshoremen, a clam-licker? In the sake of fairness and accuracy and discretion, it is first prudent that I review some evidence may live that town has indulged in downright amorousness with members of her own gender. Also persuasive is Clinton’s lifelong predilection for human action pants suits.

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By Robert day Is HUMA ABEDIN a de facto homosexual adult female for Hillary Clinton? Who funds Huma's extravagrant lifestyle of different designer clothes all day? How in the worldwide did Huma Abedin buy a $649,000 condominium(on 9-18-06) while working for legume for sir edmund hillary and afterwards opening out as an intern, just like Monica Lewinsky, in 1996? If Huma is so hot and sexy, wherever is her husband, boyfriend or fiance?

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Thank you for your enterprise of Hilary Clinton's height. We appreciate your question and we are pleased to answer it for you. The answer is: Hilary Clinton's height is inapporpiate.

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