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Twitter says 1.4M users engaged with Russian propaganda

At smallest 1.4 1000000 hoi polloi on twirp interacted with native info during the 2016 presidential election—double the number initially identified, reported to a organization web log post. That figure, while larger than the premature number, is maybe evenhanded a fraction of the full universe of users who may have been wedged by bastion misinformation play that clip period, something twirp has acknowledged. In its announcement, cheep also aforesaid it notified all 1.4 million affected users that they saw propaganda.

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On which finger should you wear an engagement and wedding ring?

In this article we early take look at the brits ring-wearing tradition. Then we’ll see what the custom are in contrary countries and religions. Finally, we’ll discovery out additional approximately the healthy trend of men’s battle rings. fit=608,608" / transparent gem colours how umteen are at that place "

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Masha Ivashintsova Photography

Of course, I knew that my mother was taking pictures all along. What was impinging is that she never divided her whole kit with anyone, not even her family. She hoarded her photo-films and rarely industrial them, so common person was always capable to appreciate the fruits of her passion.

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